Where the Wild Things Are

Oliver Knussen & Maurice Sendak
October 28, 2020
Alexandra Palace Theatre
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I'm MAX. M. A. X. A KING! The Wild Wolf King of EVERYTHING!

Max is creating havoc at home, so Mum sends him to bed without any supper. Then his bedroom changes into a forest and he gets into a boat and sails across the sea to an island inhabited by the Wild Things. Max proves that he is wilder and more fierce, so they crown him King. His first command is that the WILD RUPUS must begin. After that, Max is tired and decides to go home. When he gets there, his supper has been left for him. It's still hot.
Creative Team
Jack Furness
Finnegan Downie Dear
Hannah Wolfe
Rebecca Meltzer
Hanna Grzeskiewicz
"It made my heart sing"
**** The Times
"Unalloyed fun"
**** The Stage

The Company

Rhian Lois
Rhian Lois
Rhian Lois
Kate Howden
Mother / Tzippy
Rhian Lois
Robin Bailey
Wild Thing with Beard
Rhian Lois
Ben Nelson
Wild Thing with Horns
Rhian Lois
Nicholas Morris
Rooster Wild Thing
Rhian Lois
Thomas Bennet
Bull Wild Thing
Rhian Lois
Rhian Lois
Rhian Lois

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