Sleep Future Sleep

Jasmin Kent Rodgman
January 17, 2022
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“A short-distance Utopia, a baby Utopia, a little one that can grow.”

Welcome to the future. sleep future sleep is a short operatic work inspired by 19th-century and 20th-century feminist sci-fi novels. An immersive binaural experience, each audience member is the protagonist, who falls asleep to find themselves propelled to a future not far from now, the year 2051. sleep future sleep is a three-part experience, combining the essence of meditative sleep and dreams with a site-specific audio walk using the geolocation app, Echoes XYZ. The piece accompanies each audience member as they journey from bedroom to specially designated locations: a journey unique to each person, wherever they are.
Creative Team
Jasmin Kent Rodgman
Composer & Writer
Tom Parnell
Audio Producer
Finnegan Downie Dear
Musical Director
Jack Furness
Creative Producer
Claudia Clarkson
Project Manager
Naomi Belshaw
Commissioning Producer

The Company

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